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Having completed the mammoth task of translating the full text of Karl Kraus’ The Last Days Of Mankind, Patrick Healy now embarks on the next challenge: to read out the entire play (yes indeed, all 600 pages – Preface, Prologue, Acts I-V and Epilogue) in front of a small live audience during several 1 or 2 hour sessions, the whole to be recorded on video and released in instalments over the coming months. We recently set out to do a test recording and create a short teaser for this project, but Healy is no novice when it comes to marathon readings (he famously was the first to do a full recording of Finnegans Wake) and we soon ended up with a dazzling 50+ minute reading that covers the Preface and the complete Epilogue. Not bad for a try-out, what do you think? Be sure to check back for updates, there’s more to come later this year!