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OUT NOW: MY HEART by Else Lasker-Schüler

Else Lasker-Schüler’s MY HEART: A NOVEL OF LOVE (originally published 1912) is out now in the first English-language translation to appear to date, prepared by Sheldon Gilman and Robert Levine. This edition is based on the original text as it appeared in the journal Der Sturm in the years 1911-1912. The Berlin you’ve been looking for…
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The Ghost of Walter Rheiner

I first came across the name Walter Rheiner in a publication about the Expressionist artist Conrad Felixmüller. Leafing through its pages, my eye was caught by a particularly striking painting dating from 1925, on which a young man, bespectacled and wearing a black suit, is depicted hovering over a row of potted geraniums placed on…
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November Editions sets sail!

Amsterdam, Friday July 11, 2014 Today, November Editions is proud to announce the launch of its website and the publication of its first three ebooks. Based in Amsterdam and Berlin, November Editions specialises in first-time English-language translations of German Expressionist writing from the early 20th century. Our translations will appear exclusively in electronic format and…
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